STL GmbH’s annual review for 2023

Welcome to the year 2024!

And welcome to STL GmbH’s annual review of 2023! Compared to the previous year 2022, the past year was characterised somewhat less by conflicts, but by natural disasters. Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria and later in Morocco, fires on the Greek islands. Still later severe flooding in Turkey, Greece and Bulgaria. There was also no shortage of crises: From the attack on Israel to the ongoing war in Ukraine. In contrast, there was also good news: the coronavirus pandemic was officially declared over in Germany and the 49-euro ticket was introduced for public transport users. As STL GmbH, we – and of course our employees and customers – were moved by these topics.

For STL GmbH and our learning management and training management software cimoio, we are pleased to be able to close 2023 on a positive note.

This is particularly pleasing because STL GmbH celebrated its 20th anniversary! One of the highlights of the anniversary was that we won an eLearning Award 2024 with our KUKA LMS project.

New Year’s greetings to our customers

What is most important to us first:

Many thanks to our customers! To those that we were able to win over this year – and also those that have been loyal to us for years! This includes the great collaboration on exciting projects and the many interesting, serious, funny and very personal conversations. But also the trust that our customers place in us by providing us with a reference. This is not possible in every customer-supplier relationship – often you only see the name of the customer company. That’s why it’s so important for STL GmbH: Say *thank you*!

Fortunately, 2023 had few lows for STL GmbH, which is why we are using the start of the new year to review the good and bad moments.

The lows

Summary of the lows in STL GmbH’s annual review of 2023:

Where the GDL is slowing Germany down with strikes, we have continued to feel the brakes on acquisition decisions. Delays to projects into the following year. Budget cuts to compensate for inflation-related cost increases. Despite all this, we have been able to keep projects on track with our customers. So, concerning STL GmbH’s annual review for 2023, all in all not a bad result.

The Highs

Learntec 2023

Learntec 2023 at the end of May was exciting again – not least because the stand booking for the following year was a little different than usual this year.

We further optimised our stand construction. Also, we held interesting conversations with interested parties and existing customers at three discussion corners. Our customers were inspired by conversations to the right and left of the trade fair and approached us with new ideas. “Artificial intelligence” was a topic on everyone’s lips and was hotly debated – as it was, too, at our user meeting. We were able to further increase our conversion rate this year.

The number of visitors also rose again, even if it still hasn’t returned to pre-corona levels. According to Learntec, there will probably be around 13,500 visitors in 2023 compared to 11,000 in 2022 and 15,600 in 2020.

Next year’s Learntec 2024 will take place from Tuesday, 4 June to Thursday, 6 June 2023. You will find us – as always – in Hall 1, but this year at Stand D63.

cimoio user meeting 2023

Our 20th anniversary and the 14th user meeting should not be missing from STL GmbH’s annual review for 2023. We held it again at the Sparkassenakademie Baden-Württemberg in Stuttgart. This year, instead of a keynote speech, we had a cheerful collection of memories from the founding of STL GmbH to the present day. With various anecdotes from customers and employees.

The Visual Facilitators team was also there again, graphically documenting the event in real time.

We organised another afternoon in November with a summary of the event. We did this, because the demand for places again exceeded the capacity of the conference room and not everyone had time on the event date. This gave interested customers the opportunity to gain a compact overview. After all, an important feature of the collaboration between STL GmbH and our customers is that everyone benefits from cimoio developments. In order for this to succeed, however, it is important that everyone receives information about new functions and modules that have been added over time. Because in day-to-day project work, this distribution of information is sometimes simply neglected.

The 2024 user meeting has already been scheduled for Monday, 17 June and Tuesday, 18 June 2024.

Ein Selfie der Teilnehmenden aus dem Tagungsraum der Sparkassenakademie Baden-Württemberg.

The good mood at the 2023 user meeting was noticeable and visible!

The graphic documentation of the User Meeting 2024 by the Visual Facilitators

Retreat 2023

In October 2023, we took an extraordinary measure. For the important Release 4.0, we wanted to prepare! This Release is currently being rolled out to the first customers. But it was necessary to carry out large-scale work on the backend. To enable our colleagues to work on this without disruption, we flew to Mallorca for a week. On that enchanting spanish island, we were able to combine the useful with the beautiful. While we drove forward the improvements to our learning management and training management software cimoio during the day, we spent our breaks and evenings socialising as a team.

And indeed, when we returned, most of the cimoio backend reorganisation had been completed. Meaning, we were able to continue with the work on details back in Bad Cannstatt.

52nd Contact Fair Informatik-Forum Stuttgart

Once again this year, we attended the Informatics Forum Stuttgart contact fair at the University of Stuttgart to recruit new employees. There we talked to computer science students about a possible collaboration. We received several applications and were able to recruit a new colleague.


In 2023, we published release 3.9.5. This release is the last in Major Release 3 and will be supported for another two years. New systems will only be delivered on major release 4.x. This is currently being rolled out to the first customers – as our New Year’s greetings are a little late this year.

Release 3.9.5 includes, for example, more in-depth functions for managing external trainers as resources, process models and the new configurable start page.

eLearning Award in the “Project Management” category

And at the end of the year, we received some good news from Siepmann Media, who publish the eLearning Journal. The jury was impressed by our “KUKA LMS” project with KUKA in Augsburg. We received the eLearning Award 2024 in the “Project Management” category for the project, which was launched in 2015.

Do you have any feedback?

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STL Year’s review 2022

STL Year’s review 2022

Welcome to STL Year’s review 2022 and welcome to the new Year 2023!

The past year was marked by conflicts (especially in foreign policy) and crises (corona continued to be an issue, delivery bottlenecks caused by the war in Ukraine). As STL GmbH, these topics have of course touched us – and also our employees.

Despite everything, we can say that STL GmbH closed the year 2022 positively.

New Year’s greetings to our customers

What matters most to us first:

Many thanks to those of our customers who we were able to win over this year! And also to those who have been loyal to us for years! In 2022 we did great projects together again and had many interesting, serious, funny, but also very personal conversations. This is not a commen in a customer-supplier relationship, we are aware of that. That’s why it’s important to us to say *thank you* very loudly – and also publicly – at this point!

Like every year, 2022 consisted of highs and lows – but compared to the last two years, the highs prevailed. Even if the global political climate is currently not conducive to jumping for joy, we would still like to use the start of the new year to review the good moments.

The lows

This year we had the impression that many projects were delayed. These included, in particular, decision-making processes for new acquisitions – i.e. tenders or direct procurement. Sometimes the entire tender was delayed, sometimes it took a long time before a decision was made after the tender. But it’s always said: it’s all a question of perspective. We have established in perspective: “Patience is a virtue” – if you stay on the ball, the decision will be positive for you.

We said goodbye to a long-time employee who, after years of loyal project work, wanted to try something different. That’s also part of work-life. Fortunately, we have a very low fluctuation in our team – it hurts all the more when someone leaves the team. We keep our fingers crossed that he has fun and success in his new job.

The Highs

Learntec 2022

Learntec 2022 at the beginning of June was of exceptional quality and brought good results for us. First of all, this year we designed the largest stand that we had booked so far.

In addition, one of our colleagues also gave a presentation on “Hybrid events”. She explained how to use cimoio to manage an event that takes place both offline in person and online at the same time. The level of complexity can increase at will, if you work with multiple clients and languages. But thanks to cimoio, you’ll definitely have it under control.

The number of visitors felt lower. According to information from Learntec, around 11,000 visitors in 2022 compared to 15,600 in 2020. In 2021, Learntec only took place online due to the corona. However, the lower number of visitors also had positive effects, as there was more time for discussions with interested parties. The visitors also seemed more focused – whether that was an effect of the two-year “blockade” by Corona or coincidence, falls into the realm of speculation.

In any case, our conversion rate was higher than ever, which of course makes us very happy.

cimoio user meeting 2022

For the first time in two years again as a face-to-face event! A huge relief for our customers. Since the company was founded in 2003, the annual user meetings have been a highlight in both our customers’ and ours’ calendars. Two days in which we present the innovations in cimoio and our customers also report on their projects. This year again at the Sparkassenakademie Baden-Württemberg in Stuttgart (German only!), whose premises, service and catering we always appreciate very much.

This year’s keynote was held by Steffi Kirchberger from the JARO Academy. It addressed sustainability in procurement with a focus on the training environment and IT. In a year in which “Fridays for Future” initially took a back seat and then moved back into focus through activities of the “Letzte Generation” movement, this was a particular concern for us. We would also like to show that with cimoio, STL GmbH also takes into account topics that at first glance seem to have less to do with us as a software company.

Another new activity at our user meeting was that Mathias Weitbrecht from the Visual Facilitators graphically documented the event in real time. The great overview picture of the user meeting is attached.

Since the demand for places this year exceeded the capacities of the conference room, we held another afternoon in September with a summary of the event. Here the customers who – for whatever reason – could not attend the face-to-face event could get a compact overview. This shows us that we can definitely plan even bigger at the user meeting and that the demand for information is unbroken. An important feature of the cooperation between STL GmbH and our customers is that our customers benefit from all developments. In order for this to succeed, however, it is important that everyone receives information about the new functions and modules that have been added over time. Because in day-to-day project work, this information distribution is sometimes simply neglected.

51st Contact Fair IT Forum Stuttgart

This year we have decided to pay more attention to promoting young talent and recruiting new employees. This includes being at the IT Forum Stuttgart contact fair (Link German only) at the University of Stuttgart at the beginning of November. There we talked to computer scientists and application developers about their future plans and what a collaboration could look like. The booth was small, but that wasn’t the most important thing for the students. We had candy – and they could earn it by trying little Java code puzzles.

The result is that we would definitely like to take part in the contact fair again next time.


At the beginning of 2022 we published release 3.9.3, in which we also included solutions for the problems with log4j (German only!) that became known in the previous month.

And in the middle of the year – just in time for the user meeting – came the major release 3.9.4. B. can now also be delivered with free text tasks in the E-Test module, including the associated test process. The learning plans have also received further additions. We are gradually developing the modules of our LMS cimoio.

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