cimoio is a web application for training management. A LMS for internal or external learners for face-to-face trainings as well as eLearnings and all kinds of Blended Learning concepts.

cimoio – TMS? LMS? LXP? or seminar management?

cimoio is a web application that covers various use cases in the field of training management: academies can sell their seminars via their own web shop with a catalogue, shopping cart and registration process. Personnel development departments can offer their training courses using a push or pull method via an intranet platform. We cover all processes with cimoio: from planning training products to managing events to making bookings.

cimoio offers solutions for your industry

With cimoio, STL GmbH has already been able to prove in several sectors how adaptable we are. For training providers, our catalog with a high-quality, targeted search and shopping cart offers everything you need to sell training. In the trade, banking and insurance sectors, for these industries we implemented solutions for the many requirements regarding mandatory training, for example in relation to money laundering prevention or IDD-based topics. In manufacturing, we adapted to the strong network of processes in the existing ERP-based IT landscape. Aviation, which, due to strict regulations, must ensure that employees are only authorized for maintenance jobs for which they can demonstrate the necessary qualifications.

Satisfied cimoio customers

Satisfied customers are the best reference. That’s why we asked our customers to provide us with references. We have compiled the results for you here. Let yourself be inspired!

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