Hosting solutions for cimoio installations

Once you license cimoio, you still have to clarify where you want to install it and who will then take care of the (virtual) hardware. We currently offer four different hosting alternatives: the “on-premises” installations in your data center, hosting, cimoio-as-a-service and managed training services.

cimoio as a Product – Hosting “on premises”

cimoio as a Product (caaP) is the classic solution if your company already has its own data center: We will help you set up cimoio on suitable (virtual) hardware with a suitable operating system and database management system. With the appropriate authorization, we can take over maintenance and operation for you, or you can leave it to your data center.

cimoio aaP with Platform as a Service – Hosting in the cloud

The combination of caaP with PaaS is the solution for you, if you don’t have your own data center or the capacities there are too tight. You suggest us a hosting provider that you would like to work with, or we will procure hosting capacities from our partner Filoo GmbH and set them up for you there the operating system and database management system as well as your cimoio instance. Together with the hosting provider, we manage the (virtual) hardware and the systems running on it. The advantage of hosting at Filoo GmbH is that it is a German provider and it is therefore certain that German data protection and compliance with the GDPR are guaranteed according to the German understanding, which is particularly advantageous with regard to the management of customer and employee data.


If you opt for the “cimoio-as-a-service” hosting solution, we will take care of the entire technology stack for you. You are then only responsible for operating the cimoio application. Together with our service provider, we take care of the server, the necessary elements such as the operating system, database management system, the installation of cimoio as well as the maintenance and operation of all components – in other words, an “all-round carefree package” for your training management from STL GmbH!

cimoio as a managed training service solution

If you want to hand over the operational activities in your cimoio instance, there are also options for this. Since there is another service provider on board in this constellation, the hosting conditions are also designed somewhat differently. Talk to us about the possibilities in this area! We have also summarized further information on this topic on this Managed Training Services page!

Do you need training process consulting?

Whether you are still deciding how to implement your strategy or already have a general plan: we support you with competent advice.

Do you occasionally need support?

Do you need a little help from time to time with infrequently performed - and complex - tasks? Then we will be happy to support you - also on demand!

Do you need training for your team?

Whether due to team changes or after a major release: we define the content with you, which we then train with your team in a practical way.