Operative support when using cimoio

In addition to strategy and pure training for new team members, we also offer operational support. Unlike MTS solutions, these are there to provide you with situational support. Either to work out the best way with you in dialogue, to do a quality check on your work or to solve rarely necessary but complex tasks for you – instead of with you.

Implementation guide

You got a new release and now you want to implement your ideas with the new functions, but you don’t know exactly where to start? Then we would be happy to accompany you in a workshop with the first steps. You explain the idea to us in a dialogue, we explain the implementation to you and watch you implement your idea using “four-eyes principle”. We approach the matter step-by-step with you in the spirit of “learning-on-the-job”.

Quality assurance

You already know how cimoio ticks and you have already planned the implementation of something – or even already groomed the data. But you’d like someone to double-check your solution and make sure it works that way? Here, too, we have the right offer for you.

Taking on operational tasks

Do you have a task that you only have to do once or twice a year? And are you always unsure how to do it correctly? In addition, two releases have been delivered, so maybe something could have changed in the meantime? But you are fit in everything else and do not want to invest in managed training services? Then just let us take over those infrequently performed tasks – and you just keep doing what comes up every day. Contact us!

Do you need training process consulting?

Whether you are still deciding how to implement your strategy or already have a general plan: we support you with competent advice.

Do you need training for your team?

Whether due to team changes or after a major release: we define the content with you, which we then train with your team in a practical way.

Would you like cimoio with hosting from us?

Whether you plan to operate cimoio in the cloud or on-premise: we can suggest several hosting models - even up to cimoio-as-a-service!