MTS – Managed Training Services

We only offer managed training services in cooperation with partners. Our preferred partner is Cegos Integrata GmbH, with whom we have been cooperating in this area since 2012. Integrata Cegos provides the strategic advice, the operative activities and usually also provides the hosting for the cimoio application in its data center.

MTS – Outsourcing of operative training management

If you don’t have enough staff for the diverse tasks involved in training management, you should think about Managed Training Services. In addition to the technical solution, you get external support. The external team takes over some or all of the following tasks according to your strategic guidelines:

  • managing your training suppliers
  • the organization of your training portfolio
  • the organization of training events

And all this in the familiar training management system cimoio. This is hosted on an MTS provider’s server, so you don’t have to worry about anything from infrastructure to implementation.

MTS – a chance at cost reduction in HR

The advantage of MTS for an HR department is that concrete goals are agreed and services are defined, for which a transparent cost pool is then created. You can compare this with the effort and personnel costs of an internal solution. With this comparison, you can quickly determine whether this solution is right for you.

Our solution for training management: cimoio

If you need a solution for your processes in the training environment, be it training for external customers or your employees: then cimoio is the right solution.

Do you need a special solution for your MRO operation?

Then we recommend that you read through what the industry solution qamaas has to offer for companies in the aviation sector!