STL Services

STL GmbH offers various services, starting with strategic consulting for your training processes to operative support in questions of implementation. Custom-fit trainings complete the services. We also offer services on a technical level. For example we provide and service the technical levels down to the hardware necessary for the operation of cimoio.

Digitization consulting

Your company has made the strategic decision to design trainings more digital and up-to-date and you are now faced with the task of having to implement this strategy? Then you’ve come to the right place: our consultants have many years of experience in implementing a digitization strategy in the field of learning. From the introduction of seminar management software to the implementation of the appropriate processes and embedding tool and processes in your IT landscape.

Operative support

Again and again it happens that you have to solve a task that has to be done rarely – or at least not often enough – in relation to the complexity of the task. Even with good documentation, it can happen that the path to tasks or the quickest way to do them has changed due to customizing or new releases. We have different ways to make sure you find the best way. If necessary, we can also do the work for you!


Whichever software model in which constellation you procure from us: we make sure that your team is also trained in handling the software. We offer training for different roles and on various in-depth topics.


We find suitable hosting models for each of our systems: Starting with “on premise” – i.e. the installation at our customer’s site, through “hosting” of servers with an external provider, which our customers manage themselves or we manage for them up to ” as a service” models, where you get the whole package from us, from the hardware to the software, and we also take care of the communication and contracts with the hosting supplier for you.

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We also offer various software products and solutions - we have summarized the details here:

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From administration to user training, videos explaining the tool cimoio to webinars can be found here.

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Here you will find customer testimonials about our tool cimoio, MTS solutions and qamaas installations