Training portfolio for STL customers

Anyone who does training management should actually know better – but as the saying goes: “The prophet in his own country is worth nothing”. But especially if you want to offer your customers – whether external or employees – top services in training management with cimoio, you cannot avoid dealing with the tool itself, the associated processes and the question: “What can I do better ?” And that without considering that knowledge is lost again and again due to fluctuation and that you first have to build up new colleagues. We close this gap with our training offers.

Basic training for organizers

Are you about to complete the GoLive-project for cimoio Or have new employees that started to work in your team? And now you want to make sure that the team members who have not yet been exposed to the project or the cimoio software learn from scratch how to use cimoio efficiently and effectively? Then our basic training is just right for you.

Expert training for experienced organizers and power users

Have you been using cimoio for a while, but have the impression that there is still potential for more efficiency? Then we sit down in workshops and go through basics to make sure no “bad habits” have crept in. The second part is about sounding out “best practices”, e.g. whether enhanced permissions will help you get things done faster, or if we can somehow automate frequently repeated activities, which will then translate into requests that your account manager will then quote you for.

Administrator training

Our customers often want to take on certain administrative tasks themselves: create reports, maintain mail templates themselves and more. We can give you the necessary roles, of course, but there are two hurdles.
The first is, that without training there is a risk of frustration building, as this area often requires deep knowledge of the database schema, or even technical knowledge such as SQL commands or HTML.
This is followed by the second hurdle: that at this point there is also an increased risk of operating errors – to a degree which is not the case with lower authorizations. At this point, a risk analysis must be carried out, in which it is clarified whether the savings for the customer are greater than the risk of causing functional problems through incorrect operation or damage to reputation through problems that end-customers may experience.

These hurdles can be overcome. Especially through intensive training, which reduces the risks.

Release information

Customers with a maintenance contract receive a new cimoio release twice a year. There are also release notes for this. In the future, we are also planning to offer a webinar, in which we will present the innovations so that our customers do not have to wait until the annual STL User-Meetings to get an overview.

Do you need training process consulting?

Whether you are still deciding how to implement your strategy or already have a general plan: we support you with competent advice.

Do you occasionally need support?

Do you need a little help from time to time with infrequently performed - and complex - tasks? Then we will be happy to support you - also on demand!

Would you like cimoio with hosting from us?

Whether you plan to operate cimoio in the cloud or on-premise: we can suggest several hosting models - even up to cimoio-as-a-service!