Consulting for digitization of your training business

We are consulting for digitization of your training business. That includes topics as how to streamline your prosesses before applying a tool. And how to automize your processes within a system. But we also help you prepare your requirements for a LMS or support you in findine the optimal use of your tool. Finally, we also help you to find out how to best apply new functionalities after a new release or how to integrate a freshly unlocked module optimally in your processes.

Strategic consulting

In addition to the question of “Which software application should I use to take my training business to the next level?”, you may also be faced with the question of “How can I make my training business more modern and digital overall?”. How do you digitize your content in addition to administrative processes? And: How do you ensure that these reach your users in the right quality? In addition: How much self-directed learning should you allow in relation to required training or training that your managers expect from their team members? Draw on 20 years of experience in advising customers in the training business!

Implementation consulting

Managing the training processes can become highly complex. Again and again we experience that our customers – especially when they are familiarizing themselves with new functions – are not always sure how to operationally implement their strategy in cimoio. Which learning plan format supports me in the implementation of my strategic goals? How do I best use my digital formats in cimoio? And how do you proceed if you plan to conduct training courses using online meeting tools in the future or even offer them in a hybrid form? Also: How do you choose a suitable online meeting tool for this? For this purpose we offer you consulting services for the implementation of your strategy in and with cimoio.

Do you occasionally need support?

Do you need a little help from time to time with infrequently performed - and complex - tasks? Then we will be happy to support you - also on demand!

Do you need training for your team?

Whether due to team changes or after a major release: we define the content with you, which we then train with your team in a practical way.

Would you like cimoio with hosting from us?

Whether you plan to operate cimoio in the cloud or on-premise: we can suggest several hosting models - even up to cimoio-as-a-service!