eLearning Award 2024 for “KUKA LMS” project:
STL GmbH honoured for cimoio software

eLearning Award 2024 for KUKA LMS: STL GmbH wins with the training and learning management software cimoio in the category “Project Management”!

The eLearning Journal has been presenting the eLearning Award every year for over 10 years. This award recognises state-of-the-art projects. This year, STL GmbH answered the call for the first time. We applied with the “KUKA LMS” project, which we carried out on behalf of the automation group KUKA. In this project, we introduced our learning management system cimoio at KUKA and then rolled it out internationally. The project has been running since 2015 and we have maintained and expanded the software during this time. We have also adapted the new requirements that have arisen in the training business over the years.

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The “KUKA LMS” project

The KUKA LMS project began in January 2015 with the recording and implementation of the requirements in cimoio. On the one hand, we implemented the requirements of the KUKA Colleges, which are responsible for training employees and customers on KUKA products. On the other hand, we also implemented the requirements of the KUKA Academy, which is responsible for personnel development training. Both teams needed training management to manage their resources and training products. Learning management – i.e. the delivery of content to participants – was also essential.

It was important for KUKA to create an integrated learning platform that would fulfil the needs of both the KUKA Academy, which operates centrally from the headquarters in Augsburg, and the KUKA Colleges. The training courses of the KUKA Colleges are planned centrally and then carried out decentrally at locations in different countries. Each KUKA College must be certified in order to confirm that it fulfils KUKA’s high quality standards.

The first milestone was reached in December 2015 when the Augsburg site went live with the KUKA LMS for KUKA College and KUKA Academy. At the same time, interfaces to various systems within KUKA’s complex IT landscape were developed.

This was followed by roll-outs for KUKA Colleges in 16 countries by the end of 2019 – some with multiple locations. At the same time as operating the system, which became more extensive with each roll-out, STL GmbH gradually expanded the functionality of the KUKA LMS based on KUKA’s requirements. STL GmbH also continually adapted the interfaces for KUKA to the latest releases or new software during operation.

The KUKA LMS project continues to be active with new developments. For example, the KUKA LearnerPortal was introduced for learners. It enables access to digital content via tablet and app.

The eLearning Award 2024


The eLearning Journal jury’s verdict on the project:
“KUKA and STL GmbH have worked together for many years to develop a digital learning platform that is accessible online around the clock and has been integrated worldwide in a systematically planned process. The integration with the internal IT systems of all KUKA colleges worldwide simplifies the administrative process and makes it significantly more time-efficient. The new system turns the global KUKA Colleges into modern learning institutions that are in a constant process of growth and change.

Despite the changes in both the IT system world and the growing demands of learners in a constantly evolving working world, continuous optimisation and improvement remain a central focus and constant companion in the further course of the project. However, the introduction of the new system and the seamless interfaces provide a solid foundation on which future changes can be built. Due to the successful implementation of the previous ideas and the continuous improvements, the jury presents the eLearning AWARD 2024 in the ‘Project Management’ category.”

A project of this size and duration is inconceivable without the support of a large number of different stakeholders. We would like to take this opportunity to thank in particular the people who have been behind the idea from the very beginning and/or have supported the project for a particularly long time:

– Katja Westphal, Hanna Singer
and all employees of the KUKA Colleges worldwide

Brigitte Maischberger, Andreas Schoger
and all employees of the KUKA Academy

Gerhard Müller, Miklos Lörinczi, Lisbeth Kreitmayr
and the other stakeholders in the department

– Marko Norwig, Dirk Faust
and the other stakeholders in IT

Dr Peter Scheytt
and all associated external helpers.