About STL GmbH

This page details the history of the STL GmbH and the development of the learning management software cimoio.

External view of the location of the STL GmbH in Bad Canstatt, Deckerstrasse

2015: Relocation to Deckerstrasse

When the team moved beyond 12 employees, it was time for new and more modern rooms for further growth. Since the employees had grown fond of the central location in Bad Cannstatt, we were looking for a solution not too far away. It was in this moment, office space freed up in the Carrée Cannstatt, which had sufficient space to accommodate the currently 16 persons team.

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2011: Relocation from Winterbach to Bad Cannstatt

In the year 2011 the STL GmbH-Team grew to 10 employees. Which meant: new offices were necessary again. The favorable transport connection was a reason to move closer to Stuttgart.

External view of the location of the STL GmbH in Bad Canstatt, König-Karl-Strasse.
External view of the location of STL GmbH in Winterbach.

2008: Relocation from Steinenberg to Winterbach

In the year 2008 the rooms in Steinenberg were not sufficient anymore for the growth plans of STL GmbH. When the sixth employee had signed, STL GmbH relocated to Winterberg.

2003: Establishment of STL GmbH with seat in Steinenberg

In the year 2003 the three members of the board, Karsten Staatz, Georg Thülly und Matthias Ludwig joined forces, to establish the STL GmbH in Winterbach. At the same time, the product ecadia was launched as a training management software.

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