Software and Services for training, learning and qualification management


We support you in preparing your academy or personnel development processes for digitization. We also help you to keep them efficient during operations.

Operative support

Whether you need support with added functionalities following a new release or after unlocking a module: we guide you by traininig-on-the-job or even take over tasks if that is more efficient.


You have hired new team members? Want to take over more tasks yourself? Need a refresher on how to efficiently work with cimoio? We got you covered with our tailor-made trainings.

Hosting solutions

If you don’t have a computer centre available, we can provide you with the necessary hardware and software components for hosting cimoio. Either just with a hosting solution or even as SaaS.

STL Services

Anything you need beyond the software to organize your training business!

We do not only provide software but also support you with the surrounding processes: project management, integration into your IT-landscape, concepts and plans for your processes around your training activities as well as hosting for the application, even as a SaaS solution.

The STL product portfolio

Beside our main product, the training management software cimoio, STL GmbH offers additional products based on cimoio. On one hand the specialized system qamaas for companies from the MRO sector. On the other hand Managed Training Services in cooperation with Integrata Cegos GmbH.

Our events

We offer three types of events to keep in touch with us

Our annual STL User Meeting is a regular date in the calendar of our customers.
The training portfolio offers our customers eyerything they need to know to efficiently use cimoio from fundamental basics to expert knowledge.
And soon we’ll start webinars to keep everybody up to date on recent developments.

Annual cimoio User Meeting

Every year, we gather all our customers to exchange about the past year and look at the plans for next year. Our customers share experiences and plans while we listen to see where we can help.


Trainings for beginners, experts and everyone in between help to discover new functionalities and optimize the use of cimoio.

Coming soon: Webinars

We will start to use webinars to reach a larger interested public as well as inform our existing customers about our current plans and activities in a more frequent rhythm than just annually.

Our customers

References of customers, that use cimoio as their training management software, can be found here on the cimoio website. On this site, we share references of customers using qamaas or cimoio in a combination with Managed Training Services.

Career with STL GmbH

We have continuous need for application developers with experience in Java-programming. If you in addition have interest in the training sector in the broadest sense – or possibly even first experiences? – we are happy if you get in touch with us.

About the STL GmbH

The story of the STL GmbH is beginning with its establishment in the year 2003. The history of our software cimoio has its roots in a software-solution, that was already developed in the year 1995! So, a year, before the version 1.0 of the programming language Java – in which cimoio is developed – was even published! Dive with us into the past of STL GmbH and the software cimoio.