… is the cloud solution for trainings and qualification management for MRO in aviation.

qamaas –
training management plus automated qualification and authorization

qamaas is a web-based application that is based on the cimoio product line cimoio aero. It has been modeled and streamlined to meet the requirements of managing MRO teams in the aviation industry with little effort. To achieve that, it is a highly standardized cloud solution that needs little training to be used. The focus is on achieving individual qualifications through training courses in OJT, face-to-face events or eLearning format. These are combined into qualification profiles, which in turn meet the regulations of the aviation authorities and form the basis for the release of a work task.

qamaas is a focus solution for the aviation industry

For this purpose, the range of functions is very limited in relation to the cimoio software: The functions of a learning management system are still available with the planning of products and the implementation of events. A lot of value was placed on self-administration and transparency for employees, also with regard to booking. The elements of qualification and authorization are particularly in focus with reporting geared towards them. And, of course, it is also about traceability, which is why the documentation of all activities has become the focus.

Our solution for training management: cimoio

If you need a solution for your processes in the training environment, be it training for external customers or your employees: then cimoio is the right solution.

Need support with operational training administration?

Then you might want to consider an MTS solution that does the work of selecting suppliers and creating catalogs and events for you.